PDM - Project Design and Management

Mike Freeman

Mike has been a Director of PDM since the company was formed in 1991 and has over 30 years experience in development assistance work, during which he has maintained a long-term commitment to poverty reduction and equitable development. He specialises in program, project and facility design and in the evaluation of development initiatives. 

He has extensive experience in South East Asia with a major focus on Indonesia and is also currently working in Papua New Guinea.

Mike is experienced in working with bilateral donor, regional multi-lateral and partner government agencies and with NGOs and civil society. His recent major clients for design, review and evaluation are AusAID, the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the United Nations Development Program, the International Labour Organization, the ASEAN Secretariat and APEC.

He also has experience of training and mentoring client staff in program design and implementation issues.

Mike’s recent experience includes work in disaster recovery, economic development, agriculture, law and justice and transport infrastructure. During his career Mike has spent 15 years in long-term specialist and project management positions in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Mike is resident in Brisbane, Australia and is currently PDM’s General Manager and Company Secretary.