PDM - Project Design and Management

Jonathan Hampshire

Jonathan has worked as a development assistance professional since 1984, when he started working as an agricultural economist within the National Planning Office in Papua New Guinea (Overseas Development Institute Fellowship).  

After 5 years working in PNG (including 3 years in Simbu Province), he joined CARE Australia in Canberra as ‘Country Programme Coordinator’.  In 1991 he then started up his own consulting business (Project Design & Management Pty Ltd) with a group of three other colleagues.  More than 25 years later, he is still consulting in the field of development assistance, with a particular focus on: (i) program and project feasibility study/design; (ii) program and project monitoring, review and evaluation; and (iii) helping to design and implement improved performance management systems within international development organisations. 

Jonathan has an established track record as an excellent team leader, team player, analyst, process facilitator and technical writer.  His goal is to keep doing interesting and rewarding work – and to make a positive contribution to addressing poverty and inequality. 

Specialties: Programme and project planning, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance systems, capacity development, aid effectiveness, and the design and delivery of short-course professional training.