PDM - Project Design and Management

About Us


PDM is an Australian consulting company, established in Canberra in 1991 and now operating out of Brisbane

PDM specialises in providing independent technical advice and support services to international development organisations – both government and non-government.

We also work with the resource development industry and landowner representative organisations to support implementation of their respective commitments to corporate social responsibility and sustainable and equitable development.

Our core areas of expertise include

  • program/project design
  • program/project monitoring, review and evaluation
  • socio-economic impact assessment and area development planning

PDM has experience of working in more than 30 different countries, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

PDM has four Directors who are actively engaged in providing consulting services, as well as managing the work of our associates and sub-contractors.

PDM takes pride in its core commitment to working with partners to address poverty and inequality, and to promote sustainable development.

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